How to Get Sales Leads for Free

May 21, 2019
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How to Get Sales Leads for Free

Sales leads are organizations or people who can be potential buyers. A sales lead is identified through consultations, or social networking and advertising, referrals, marketing, media and outreach, and product evaluations. Leads are important to ensure the continuous growth of your business. Most of the ways to get leads will require you to spend money. So, what we’ll share here is how to get sales leads for free. Even wonder how to generate sales leads without cold calling? Let’s begin.

Understanding Leads

understanding leads infographic

A lead is a potential client at the very first phase of the buying process. It characterizes a buyer who is interested in your product or in the services that you offer. A lead is more than just random people who are interested in what you can provide.

They have the features that mark them as those with the capability to buy the product or services that you have to offer. This may be determined by previous purchases, demographics, purchasing habits, or a lot of different aspects.

What if you do not have a promotion department or your marketing team? Imagine if you need to create your own sales prospects. Not to worry, here are some tips on how you can get leads without having to spend. All you need is to put in the time and effort.

Make Use of Social Media

Making use of social media for leads

Finding prospects for free can be done on social media. Most salespeople are on social media but they are not utilizing it effectively. It is important to have the ability to find prospects that are actually interested in your services. Networking is an excellent means to achieve that. Start by having a professional and relatively current picture should be posted to reflect that you are an expert.

You can buy ads for each social media platform that are capable of sending users to landing pages, where you can collect contact information, provided you have an amazing and appealing offer. Facebook is the number one 

Build Connections

The more contacts you have, the broader your reach will be. You do not need to necessarily be buddies with those that you relate to. Connections that are indirect could be one of the most appropriate for prospects.

Get at least three testimonials from your clients demonstrating the quality of your work which may guarantee your efficacy, professionalism, and effectiveness. You can then use it as a way to market your business on social media.

Take Advantage of Your Network

You can also start with your network. Working with your personal network is just one of the overlooked opportunities that are easy, to begin with since you have built-in confidence. There are people in your personal network that you wouldn’t think to be prospects but they could, in fact, be valuable.

Talk Business

In today’s modern world, you have different friends and acquaintances that exist. They can be work friends, workout friends, or even neighbors. The key is easy: allow acquaintances to understand if you are at the stage in your relationship where you could talk business. Mixing professional and personal requires being respectful and an effective method of advancing your reach.

Attend Events

Another way to get sales leads for free is to attend media events. In this digital age, face to face interaction still works wonders. Attending these kinds of events ought to be a part of your regular activity because they are a terrific way to drum up your business and to cultivate your reach.

Revisit Closed or Lost Opportunities

These prospects are those who have previously discovered or seen your product, it’s just that they did not buy the first time maybe because it wasn't the ideal time. Every six months, get in touch with these prospects and ask how their priorities have shifted, what their challenges are, and if their business enterprise and staff goals have changed.

Invest in these prospects because they are better qualified than brand new leads. Send them applicable blog articles, enroll them in proper advertising email campaigns, and keep the communication personal.

They might not buy the first time you follow-up, but it might work on the fifth so keep trying. Being on top of their mind should be your goal in case the prospect will finally have the financial plan to buy your product or service.

Do Email Marketing

Define your plan for reaching out and get creative with all the emails sent. It should be creative, catches attention, and it should enable you to cover the interests of the prospect. Send an email arrangement that has a goal. For instance, address painful topics, mention big clients, enclose product information, and so on. Make a comprehensive, determined email sequence and see if it works for you.

Create a Website

Write a blog on your website and show that you are an expert in your field. You ought to be writing about what you are good at. Discuss your products and services and how these can help your prospects. It is important for you to not only display your own expertise but that you can educate and inform your prospects as well by sharing your knowledge to them.

Try Inbound Marketing

Within the last decades, inbound marketing has proven to be an excellent way to generate leads and get customers. Inbound marketing is a data-driven strategy that influences content onto your site to attract buyers who are exploring your services and products online. As it converts to more leads, you can close more deals.

Inbound sales are primarily about identifying prospects and making connections even before the buyer has decided to buy. Most salespeople that are successful currently practice some alternative way of selling. Another junction of inbound marketing is collecting social media leads, as we discussed earlier the best method is Facebook's paid advertising service because you can place a contact form directly in a users timeline rather than building a separate landing page.

They understand sales is all about consulting with the prospect’s issues, not closing the bargain. It is about allowing the prospect to establish the speed of this procedure and offering instruction and guidance for a means to build trust and confidence. This makes it secure and simple for a customer.

Using Local Lead Finder

Using local lead finder you can easily generate sales leads simply by searching for bussinesses by keyword, and determining a search location. Local Lead Finder will generate a list of hundreds of local businesses for your sales team to contact. The service is not free, it's $49 a month, but even if you can convert one new lead a month this time saving utility pays for itself almost instantly. 

Users can run up to 50 monthly business searches, that's potentially hundreds of different sales leads for your team to contact every single month. Never run out of business contacts again, and continue to grow your business at a steady pace with Local Lead Finder.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the tips on how to get sales leads for free. You can try them out and see what works best for you. Leads are important in ensuring that your business will grow steadily. However, do keep in mind that you should be able to offer your best to your prospects. No amount of marketing will be able to make up for mediocre products or services. So, make sure that you keep your customers happy and satisfied.