How to Generate Sales Leads without Cold Calling

May 21, 2019
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How to Generate Sales Leads without Cold Calling

Cold calling is regarded as a challenging but necessary action for those people who are in sales, especially the new ones. Sales managers, trainers, and coaches, have always talked about working on the phones if you want to keep your sales pipeline full. But let us be honest, getting ignored, hung up on, or worst, being shouted by people on the other end of the line is not something sales people look forward to at every call. And the truth is that those prospects despise it, too. No one wishes to be bothered by somebody they do not know and to be marketed to. So, in this post, we’ll try to look at some tips on how to generate leads without cold calling including the most commonly used method, email blasts.


Email Prospects With Local Lead Finder

Using automated lead generation software like Local Lead Finder you can gather leads based on specifically targeted locations and related business keywords. Once you've generated a business list, you can easily contact that entire list with a single email blast. You can even develop separate email templates like first contact emails, follow-up emails to interested prospects, and final contact emails for prospects who don't reply to you but you want to make a final contact attempt. 

With Local Lead Finder, you can completely avoid cold-calling if you prefer. It's not necessarily the worst thing you can do by withstanding from cold-calling, because emails are actually a highly effective method of converting prospects into leads. Even in today's world of hypersegmented online platforms, email is still one of the integral forms of communication for most internet users. The data behind the effectiveness of converting prospects via email is clear, it works. 

Essentially as a business owner, you just need to develop the perfect offer for the business you're targeting. If you're selling client management software to yoga studios, then you should make sure there's something in the offer that greatly benefits yoga studios, or they're unlikely to take you up on your services. Perhaps your yoga studio software could automatically email clients with important updates, and allow them to make payments for classes online rather than in person. Imagine any way you can improve the life and business of the people you're emailing, and your likelihood of converting prospects will improve.

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Search for speaking engagements

Public speaking at events is among the most effective methods of getting prospects to reach out to you first. When you are speaking at an event, you are standing in a room full of possible buyers who are actively listening as you discuss your knowledge and expertise. Although it is unlikely that you will walk out of the event with new prospects, at least you have established your experience and credibility, and with that you will be on top of their mind once a need arises.

To boost your chances of selling, add a call-to-action for them to visit your website and give and offer exclusive for them. Doing this will now give you a chance to have everyone's email address and an opportunity to nurture your relationship with them after the speaking engagement. You may also include your social media account during your presentation and ask the audience connect and join in the discussion.


Switch the offline connections into online ones

Utilize social media to your advantage but be sure not to be too creepy or desperately assertive. Try to offer value and outlook to improve the conversation. Read their discussions online, post comments on their blogs, re-tweet them, and share their articles on your webpage. One of the best leads can be acquired through spontaneous conversations on social media, by being helpful, and consistently providing real value, and most of all by acting human.


Build social connection by being active online

Being active means keeping a blog, writing articles for your business webpage, commenting on posts, and knowing the kind of information that your prospects like. You have to be engaged wherever your prospects really are, whether on social or other media platforms. Be well informed about the books, publications, and sources that influence your prospects, and what directs the industry. Write your own articles or include value to the materials others are currently generating to remain engaged.


Offer incentives for recommendations

Offer incentives for recommendations from your current and past clients because the reality is that your very best clients might still require a little motivation. There are several ways you can inspire your clients to recommend you to others; it can be in a form of a discount, referral commission, tickets to an event, or recognition on your webpage. Bear in mind that you need to provide a bit to get something. Refer a company to others and they will hopefully return the favour someday.


Reconnect with old clients and missed chances

If you had opportunities that did not push through before, maybe because of lack of funding, reconnecting with old clients and missed chances could be as the easiest source of business. Even though they went with the competitor the first time, they might be open to changing company for the reason that they were not satisfied with this particular competition. It is well worth a try to ask and find out. Once an opportunity is stalled, set a reminder to follow through every 6 months or so.

And instead of simply checking in on your prospect, make an effort to ask for the particular reason the deal did not happen. Ask how things have gone along with your competition and if they fulfilled all their demand. Check on your older customers, too, and get to know just how things have changed since you last talked. If there is no chance for new opportunity, then you could always inquire if someone they know might be interested in your company.


Pursue the warm accounts

Warm calling is when you engage with a prospective customer who has already had some previous interaction with you. Prospects usually get irritated, not on the call itself, but the fact that there is no present connection between the caller and company, and the call is not in line with the prospect’s needs, interests, or activities. To avoid getting hung up on, search for warm accounts. There is a ton of new technologies out there that let you view if your prospects are participating on your site, emails, and other contents online.



These approaches will give you a rough idea on a few ways by which you can generate prospects for your company without picking up the telephone. It might not be adequate to not need to do cold calling but it can surely help in generating more leads.

But remember that the best way to get good sales leads minus cold calling would be to get rid of the requirement to do so. A good strategy is the one that brings prospects that are good for you, instead of you chasing after them. Produce contents that draw in prospects and transform them into customers by being helpful and answering their questions.


Convert Sales Leads Without Cold Calling

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