Lead Generation For Local Businesses

February 28, 2019
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Lead Generation For Local Businesses

How Local Lead Finder Works


Lead generation is a task that can seem overwhelming at first. However, producing high-quality B2B leads is not so hard once you’ve got the right tools for the job. There are several different options when it comes to producing fresh B2B leads for your business.

One of the most effective options to increase lead generation for local businesses is to use a local lead generation tool like Local Lead Finder to collect emails, phone numbers, and automate the outreach process. After a few successful lead campaigns under your belt, you’ll be converting prospects in no time.

Besides automating outreach, Local Lead Finder will neatly manage all of your local business leads so you can keep track of who is responding well, and who is not responding at all to your business offers. Collecting this kind of data will help you focus on where to point your future efforts, and what areas you can possibly ignore altogether during your next lead gen campaign.

Keep in mind when you’re actually generating leads for your local business, or nonprofit, that converting leads into clients requires serious experimentation and resilience. Once you’ve contacted enough businesses and tried out unique outreach email templates, you’ll inevitably start to find a groove that works for your niche. Local Lead Finder is there to handle the heavy lifting during your lead generation campaign, while you focus on the creative side like having the perfect cold email outreach template.


Easy to Use Lead Management and Email Automation


Lead Generation For Local Businesses
Lead Generation For Local Businesses


By combining email marketing and search engine data into one easy-to-use-tool, Local Lead Finder is able to completely simplify the lead generation process and free up your valuable time. Just enter keywords for the businesses you’re searching for, then provide an area to target, and Local Lead Finder will uncover hundreds of local businesses that you can begin contacting immediately.

Our email automation software allows you to reach out to entire business lists with one click. If the business contact doesn’t respond right away, you can just send out follow up emails with another click a few days later. We’ve found that by combining lead generation and email outreach our tool becomes much more effective than having to use two separate applications.

Many local businesses are just waiting for the right products or services to show up and meet their needs, so start your outreach campaign today with Local Lead Finder. Our lead finding tool is the #1 B2B lead generation tool available today.


How Local Lead Finder Works

Local Lead Finder is all about lead management and outreach automation. It’s simple really, business owners need services and products, and you need leads. Reaching out to hundreds of business owners can seem like an impossible task, but any job seems impossible with the wrong tools. You tell us what type of businesses you’re looking and where you’re looking for them and we’ll generate a business list of hundreds of potential leads. Local Lead Finder will collect the emails and phone numbers of valuable local businesses based on your search terms. Once you’ve created a business list our tool will simplify the outreach process by emailing all the business owners at once and keeping track of emails that don’t receive responses.

Then once you’ve waited a while, you can easily send these business owners a follow-up email with one-click.

It’s simple, you give us the keywords that best describe your product or service and also the location you’d like to target for new leads.


Step 1 - Search Keywords

Create Business Lists
Create Business Lists

In a few moments, you’ll have a complete list of every phone number and email of all the businesses that relate to your keyword selection in that area.


Step 2 - Collect Data

List Businesses Page
Local Leader Finder: Business Lists

And for even more data you can easily export your new business list as an excel sheet to see much more information in addition to phone numbers, emails, contact URLs, and types of businesses.


Step 3 – Simplified Outreach

email outreach template
Create Email Outreach Templates

First things first, you have to create your outreach email template. There are several great email outreach tutorials out there if you haven’t already designed one for your business.


Step 4 – Run Campaigns

Screenshot of Local Lead Finder's features: marketing to small businesses b2b
Easily Generate Email Outreach Campaigns

Select the previously generated business list you’d like to target, and Local Lead Finder will automatically send your email to all of those businesses. Local Lead Finder will keep track of whether or not you receive a reply, and then you can automatically re-target those same emails later on.


Local Lead Finder - The Best B2B Lead Generation Tool

Trust us when we say that generating business to business sales leads is not as easy as it once was. We get it, we’ve been in the B2B lead space for years, and nowadays there’s more competition than ever before. It can seem daunting at times, but with a little tenacity and determination, you will be able to form new business relationships faster than you’d ever thought possible.

Whether your B2B service is the next Slack, Trello, or Salesforce for startups, or you just sell paper supplies à la The Office then finding the right leads is vital to your company’s growth. Winning daily in the B2B space is all about doing the in-depth research to discover what local businesses are out there that desperately need your services. By doing ongoing and thorough digging you’ll eventually uncover businesses that are a great fit for your product. You may contact 10 businesses to no avail, but the secret to converting leads is persistence.

Right Lead Gen Tool for B2B

Without the proper lead generation tool, your tireless sales efforts are never going to fully pay off. That’s where Local Lead Finder comes into the picture. Local Lead Finder is the #1 lead generation tool for local businesses who need the best B2B lead generation tool.

Since contacting businesses can be such a time-consuming task, we created a tool that made both business list creation and email automation as simple as possible. Local Lead Finder was crafted from the ground up to simplify and automate all aspects of the lead generating process.

Try the Best B2B Lead Generation Tool for Yourself


B2B Lead Generation Tools
Try Local Lead Finder: Among The Best B2B Lead Generation Tools


Does Local Lead Finder sound like the right tool for your B2B company? If so, we encourage you to try out our service today for $49 month to month. If after trying Local Lead Finder you don’t believe it’s useful for your B2B service then we offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

Like most things, the secret to starting a successful B2B company is dedication and focus. Local Lead Finder makes it easier to create local business lists, and focus on the new relationships that are showing promise rather than trying to manually juggle the entire process without tools.

If you need high-quality local business lists, use Local Lead Finder to generate leads and automate the outreach process, saving you tons of valuable time every single day.

Get started today with our Lead Generator Monthly Plan for $49 and gain access to the most affordable lead generation package. Simply try Local Lead Finder today and if you’re not 100% satisfied with our lead gen service then we offer a no questions asked money-back guarantee.

Monthly Lead Gen Access Includes:

  • 50 Key Business Searches
  • 50 Business Lead Campaigns
  • 50 Lead Messages Per Campaign
  • 100 Site Direct Business Communications

What are you Waiting For?

If you’re not using lead generators even though you can guarantee that your competition is, you’re missing out on valuable opportunities and new business relationships.

Start Using Local Lead Finder Today

So if you’re serious about learning how to increase lead generation for your local business, then sign up for Local Lead Finder today and stay miles ahead of your local competition. Get started right now with Local Lead Finder’s amazing month to month lead gen service.