Lead Generation Strategies B2B

February 28, 2019
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Lead Generation Strategies B2B 

Using Local Lead Finder

There are several key lead generation strategies for B2B including a strong social media presence, creating finely tuned landing pages, and producing amazing content. However, one of the best things you can ultimately do to generate B2B leads is to use an online lead generator because cold emailing is still one of the best lead generation strategies for B2B.

Used in conjunction with a well-rounded brand awareness campaign on LinkedIn and Facebook, a cold emailing campaign can yield very high results for your B2B company.

Building a Cold Email Template

You can’t just send any old cold email and expect to convert a high number of leads into customers, it doesn’t work like that. A part of crafting the perfect lead generation strategy for B2B is developing an offer that the prospective businesses can’t afford to pass up.

Also in order to increase local B2B lead generation, you need the right tools for the job. Having a lead generation tool designed for digging up B2B leads that will also automate the outreach process helps a ton. That way your sales team can maximize their sales time, and not waste productivity on cultivating and managing leads.

Finding and maintaining new leads shouldn’t be a constant struggle of manual Google searches. Let Local Lead Finder handle the outreach using our easy and time-saving outreach automation software.

What's Your Time Worth to You?

The amount of time you currently spend manually looking for B2B leads is probably costing you more than you realize. Local Lead Finder can handle finding all of your new B2B leads, while you focus on running your business effectively.

If you’re like most businesses then you struggle to find amazing leads for your sales team. The problem with finding new business is that a majority of the time you’ll have to contact dozens of businesses before you even find a good fit for your product or service.

With Local Lead Finder, you can simply run a business search, create a new list of businesses with our software, then build an outreach email template and you’ll be on your way to developing valuable new business relationships. Don’t waste any more time manually searching for local company emails, phone numbers, and business addresses. Local Lead Finder handles all the heavy lifting on your behalf, even the outreach.

How to Increase B2B Lead Generation

Lead generation is not just about developing great business lists though, it’s also about nurturing each lead once you’ve acquired them.

If you don’t receive a reply right away, Local Lead Finder makes it easy to send a follow-up message. If you still don’t hear back from a prospective client after reaching out a few times, then you’ll know where you can shift your focus to for better conversion results.

With Local Lead Finder, you can easily produce hundreds of business leads in minutes and organize them into a spreadsheet for your outreach team. So if you REALLY want to increase lead generation then you have to use the right tools and work smarter, not harder.

Go With The Best Lead Generation Website

B2B Lead Generation

Let’s just start out by saying that Local Lead Finder is not a free tool. But there’s a reason why the best online lead generation websites cost you money and that’s because they work extremely well for finding new business leads.

Do you realize that there are tons of local businesses out there just waiting for the right product to come along? Every business needs quality services or products to run optimally, so why not reach out and offer yours with Local Lead Finder.

The main problem with outreach is the number of business owners you have to contact before you form a new relationship that clicks. When you’re trying to form new business relationships with your leads, the key is persistence and patience. You can find many B2B leads utilizing different strategies on Facebook, Linked-In, and Twitter but the centerpiece of your strategy is still going to come from a lead generation tool.

How is B2B Lead Generation Different Than B2C

B2C leads can be easier to come by since there are a ton of website that collects customer leads, and also services that sell these customer leads to all types of businesses. Typically consumers know a lot less about the industry than business owners, so they’re easier to sell to overall.

Business owners tend to have quite a lot of knowledge about their industry, a strict budget, and they know what’s really needed to thrive so you’ll need to offer businesses exactly what they.

Essentially with B2B, you have to provide an unbeatable offer and service if you’re going to generate consistent and high-quality B2B sales.

How Local Lead Finder Works

Local Lead Finder was created with B2B leads in mind. Simply choose the types of businesses you’re targeting in Local Lead Finder and where you’re looking for them, and our tool will generate business lists with hundreds of potential leads.

From there, our automated outreach platform makes it easy to stay in touch with sales leads throughout the entire process. If certain business owners don’t get back to you right away, you can even send them a follow-up email with one click.

Creating an Outreach Campaign

Let’s say you’ve created the perfect project management tool for small digital marketing companies, law firms, and small tech businesses.

Simply log in to Local Lead Finder and create business lists of all the digital marketing companies or law firms in certain cities.

Create B2B Business Lists

After that, you’ll create a new outreach campaign targeting those business lists. It’s important to tailor your cold email to the type of business you’re interacting with.

Business Email Lists

Craft the perfect outreach email, save it to a template, and then send it to all of the business lists you’ve generated for the campaign.

Valuable Business Prospects

Local Lead Finder will find every email associated with a businesses site as well as pull up any hidden contact forms that may exist. This way you can target businesses via email, telephone, and directly through a contact form for optimum reach.

Consistency is vital when it comes to developing valuable new business relationships. By automating the cold email outreach and business list creation process using Local Lead Finder you’re freeing up tons of valuable time to work on your brand and strategy.

If you’re not using a lead generator even though you can guarantee that your competition does, then you’re missing out on valuable opportunities and new business relationships every day. Even if you need a lead generator for nonprofits, simply sign up for Local Lead Finder now if you’re looking to create fresh hyper-targeted business leads, and gain the ultimate advantage over your competition.

Start Using Local Lead Finder Today

If you’re not 100% satisfied with Local Lead Finder within the first 30 days of use then we’ll give you your money back, that is simply how confident we’re in our software’s effectiveness for local business. For $49 per month, you can get started right now with Local Lead Finder’s amazing lead gen service.

If you’re serious about learning how to increase lead generation for your local business, then join Local Lead Finder now and stay ahead of the competition.