B2B Lead Generation Software

February 28, 2019
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B2B Lead Generation Software

What Can Local Lead Finder Do for you?

No matter what type of business you’re in, you likely need valuable local leads to grow. That’s where our lead generation service comes in handy. Local Lead Finder can help you generate high-quality B2B leads for any industry in just seconds.

Most businesses struggle to produce their own highly valuable business leads, so that’s why we’ve developed Local Lead Finder to automate and simplify the entire process. Using our lead gen tool, sales teams can create business lead lists on autopilot and email local business owners in just a few minutes.

Automate B2B Lead Gen with Local Lead Finder

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Let’s assume for a moment that your landing pages are top notch, your branding is perfect, and your customer service is amazing yet you’re still struggling to convert any new leads. If this sounds like your business, then you’re not alone. However, there is a solution to the problem that not everyone is aware of, and it has to do with the tools you’re currently using to find leads.

Acquiring new and powerful B2B leads requires using the proper lead generation tools. B2B lead generation is tricky, because the businesses you’re contacting may already have an established business partner that provides them the service you’re offering. Because of this, you will have to contact a lot of businesses before you meet the perfect client for your B2B service.

Does Cold Emailing Work?

You might be surprised to hear that cold emailing is still one of the best ways to obtain new B2B opportunities. That doesn’t mean your email outreach campaign is going to be an overnight success though, without a little patience.

However, if you can pivot after some initial contact, re-calibrate your email outreach, and provide an irresistible offer to your leads then you’ll have a much better chance of converting them right away. So does cold emailing work? Absolutely, as long as your product or service is top tier and offers something that new prospects cannot pass up.

You’re not going to get new leads overnight, but in the long run, once you’ve tailored your outreach email template, your reply rate is naturally going to increase dramatically. The secret to turning new opportunities into business offers is volume because you can’t expect to gain new customers after only contacting a few leads.

Selling B2B Products and Services

Using Local Lead Finder, you can easily generate valuable local b2b leads.

Our lead generating tool collects the emails and phone numbers of hundreds of established local businesses that are relevant to your product or service. From there we simplify the outreach process by helping you develop an email outreach template. Local Lead Finder will then keep track of emails that receive no response, and allow you to re-email those business owners again with one click.

Let’s say you’re a dog toy manufacturer in California with an amazing product, and you’re looking to be the next big thing in the pet industry. You’d love to have your new products placed in stores like pets-smart and pet-co right away, but first, you need to contact a ton of local businesses to see if they’d be interested in carrying your unique product.

As an independent dog toy manufacturer, you need the actual email addresses and phone numbers of potential local businesses interested in stocking your product. The bottom line is, if you want to generate profitable leads for your niche business then Local Lead Finder is the right tool for your growing company.

Here's how Local Lead Finder Works

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It’s really easy, first, your search must consist of the keywords that best represent the businesses you’re trying to target. Then just enter the location you want to search in, and a few minutes later you’ll have hundreds of leads to contact in that area.

Step 1 - Search For Relevant Businesses

You’ll want to search for keywords that most represent the businesses that would be interested in your services.

Let’s assume you’ve just launched the next great project management tool and it’s a sleek combination of Trello, Slack, plus Skype. That’s right, you’ve truly created the utility knife of online project management tools, now you just need businesses to utilize it.

Select keywords that will help you target small tech or marketing companies in your area, or in any city you’d like. You could even target law firms and other small-sized operations nationwide to offer them your new project management platform.

Step 2 – Collect Leads

Within minutes you’ll have a huge list of potential businesses that may be interested in your product or service. Local Lead Finder will provide you with detailed information about the type of business, location, and even contact forms that may be difficult to find on their website without some serious digging around.

By submitting your business offer through a contact form that doesn’t get a lot of love from users, but will go directly to your lead, you’re greatly increasing your chances of hearing back from that business owner.

Local Lead Finder makes it so easy that you’ll never have to worry again about how you’re going to find new B2B leads. Simply create a new business list to target weekly, or even daily, so you’re always ready to form new business relationships and create new customers.

Step 3 – Automate Outreach

First, you have to create your outreach email template. There are several great email outreach templates out there if you haven’t already designed your own.

Tailor your outreach emails so that the offer is irresistible to the prospect on the other end. If you’re selling your project management tool to a list of local marketing companies, let them know how much your service will untangle and optimize their current internal processes.

Select the previously generated business list you’d like to target, and Local Lead Finder will automatically send your email to all of those businesses. Local Lead Finder will keep track of whether or not you receive a reply, and then you can automatically re-target those email addresses with one-click later on.

If you’ve got a proven method of converting leads then contacting an entire business list is not such a bad idea. However, if you’re still honing your outreach template to discover what works best for your service and niche, then it’s probably best to only email a few leads at a time to start out.

Get started today with our Lead Generator Monthly Plan for $49 and gain access are the most affordable lead generation package. Try Local Lead Finder today and if you’re not 100% satisfied with our lead gen service then we offer a no questions asked money-back guarantee.

You Want Your Sales People To Focus On Selling

Your sales team is paid a lot of money to sell, not to ransack the internet for new B2B leads on a daily basis. Whenever your sales team is not client-facing, they’re not implementing their professional sales skills, and they’re ultimately not working as effectively as possible.

In the time it takes to build contact lists, update contact info, and keep track of prospects that have replied and not replied, your sales team is losing 20 plus hours a week.

Think about Local Lead Finder as your newest team member. We’ll handle all of the new lead data, while you land the sales. Don’t waste any more time developing B2B leads, simply find B2B leads with Local Lead Finder in just a few minutes.

What are you Waiting For?

When you really think about it, the internet consists of millions of people who have been waiting for exactly what your business has to offer. If you’re not using lead generators then you’re willingly giving up some potential business that you have yet to reach. Don’t give up on new valuable business relationships, because it’s likely that the competition will act if you won’t.

Try Local Lead Finder now and see how you can quickly create fresh hyper-targeted business leads. Gain the ultimate advantage over your competition, be seen by prospects, and create new customers today.