Lead Generation for Nonprofits

February 28, 2019
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Lead Generation for Nonprofits

Local Lead Finder is the perfect lead generation solution for nonprofit organizations.  Our lead generation software can be used to find real reps in your local area, or wherever you choose to target. Once you’ve created a list to target you can begin contacting leads in order to raise awareness of your nonprofit, recruit contributors, and even raise money for upcoming local events.

Reaching out to local businesses is also an excellent way to offer up endorsement & sponsorship for upcoming B2B events, further enhancing your network. There are also some additional lead generation strategies for b2b that you should consider applying to your overall strategy.

Let’s say that after you’ve found the perfect new business relationship opportunity that you’re unable to find any reliable outbound reps at their organization. Instead of having to manually crawl websites for this data, you can simply use Local Lead Finder to collect all of their contact info, and then you can essentially contact them on autopilot via email.

You may not believe this, but lead generation and awareness are actually crucial for the sustainability of most nonprofits. Without these essentials, your nonprofit won’t continue to prosper for long.


magnet attracting lead generation for nonprofits
Lead Generation for Nonprofits


Ways to Promote a Nonprofit

Yes, you could use LinkedIn and Facebook for promoting your nonprofit organization but have you ever measured how effective your social media campaigns have been? There’s no doubt that there’s been some positive impact on your nonprofit from social media, but without a proper engagement plan, you won’t get very far.

Distributing High-Quality Content via Email Campaigns

By using an online lead generation service like Local Lead Finder you can actually create multiple business lists with hundreds of contacts each within minutes. Collecting hundreds of valuable business emails is just the start of your marketing efforts, and honestly, it’s not nearly as time-consuming as it sounds.

Many nonprofits and businesses alike are so hyper-focused on social media that they fail to realize the potential and importance of email marketing in this day and age. Creative and properly optimized content that has been tailored to your audience is the real key to success in this area.


Email Lead Generation Techniques Graphic
Email Lead Generation Techniques with Local Lead Finder


Content Marketing Ideas for Nonprofit Organizations

People respond best when there’s an enticing new opportunity in their inbox and not just another run-of-the-mill mass email. This is when it’s time to get creative and create some high-quality content for your leads. Make sure you’re offering considerable value to the businesses you’re contacting and not just begging for attention.

You can’t just expect to reach out to 100 businesses with nothing new and receive special attention. Tell your story by crafting an engaging outreach email template utilizing graphics, story-telling, and unique content. Provide a positive impact on both the business owner and their customers.

Create Monthly Newsletters

No matter what type of nonprofit you’re running you can always create event awareness using newsletters. There’s no better way to create email lists for event awareness campaigns than by using a lead generation tool. Local Lead Finder can produce hundreds of emails listing potential business prospects in just a few minutes.

In the initial newsletter, you should include a subscribe button so you can determine exactly which businesses are actually interested in your one-of-a-kind offering, and which businesses can be overlooked.

Once you’ve got a dedicated list of newsletter subscribers, start to convert these readers into contributors or partners of your nonprofit. One option would be to team up with for-profits and start to change the world for the greater good, this is something the Make-A-Wish-Foundation has perfected and implemented in their own organization.

One more example is the non-profit Mozilla Foundation and their parent company Mozilla. Thanks to the success of Mozilla, the Mozilla Foundation is able to fight the rise of internet surveillance and raise awareness of other internet issues. The point is, you need to get creative and think of potential businesses to partner with, think of an offer and relationship that would raise up both your brands if done correctly.

Produce Infographics

Create easy to read infographics detailing how much money you’ve raised, how and why you created your nonprofit, and share major successes while at the same time creating brand awareness. Another option using infographics is to tell the history of your nonprofit organization, and how you could be of use to local businesses.

Once you’ve generated a list of local businesses think about what kind of content might be useful to that group of companies. Let say that hypothetically you’re a food bank and you’ve generated a business list of all the mom and pop grocery stores in your area. You strike up a deal with one of these businesses to obtain large quantities of perishable food.

You could potentially create a badge for these owners to place on their website if they team up with you and become major contributors to a nonprofit organization. This website badge will help their business by improving their relationship with socially conscious customers. By convincing these businesses to give you their perishable foods you can save food from entering the local landfill and instead feed the needy as your nonprofit intended.

This is just one example, but the point we’re trying to illustrate here is that you can actually create value for these businesses you’re contacting and the world in general. By teaming up with local food dealers who always generate some excess, and acquiring that food for your food bank, you can have a real impact on the world around you.


Example of marketing infographics
Infographic Example


Host Webinars

If you’re a natural salesman who absolutely loves to talk then webinars are a great way to provide value to local businesses as a nonprofit. First, consider what type of content prospective businesses would be interested in learning more about. Maybe your nonprofit offers a service that this business could solicit from another business, except you can convince them why going with a nonprofit would be a better solution for their services.

Using Local Lead Finder for Nonprofits

You’ve already created an outstanding nonprofit that’s running optimally, but there’s still another big step, and that’s effective outreach for growth. By using all of the aforementioned strategies you can start to develop new business relationships that will lead to the future success of your nonprofit.

So to recap just create an outreach strategy, then collect the leads you to need using Local Lead Finder because it provides the best lead generation for nonprofits. Additionally, Local Lead Finder is also a powerful B2B lead generation software.

Local Lead Finder is great for nonprofits because it not only lists hundreds of business emails within minutes, but it also generates contact forms found on each website it crawls. The tool can then automatically reach out via these contact forms as well as through the collected emails for maximum reach.

If you’ve been curious about lead generation but never thought to pay for the proper tools until now, then Local Lead Finder is absolutely perfect for your nonprofit organization. At the very least, you need to make your community aware of your nonprofit so that anyone who feels the need to contribute is working with you rather than with a competitor.

Local Lead Finder is the perfect solution for nonprofits that want to generate potential business leads on autopilot but don’t have the budget for an overpriced and bloated lead generation tool that under delivers.

Setting Up Your First Email Campaign

If you’ve never worked on a cold emailing campaign before then your first required step is going to be creating a worthy cold email template. Make sure you include the services you’ll provide that will ultimately generate sales for these businesses or help out their brand’s image.

The more you can include in your email that speaks directly to your audience, in this case, business owners, the more likely you are to hear back from them and start a long-lasting dialogue with these companies.

Join The Best Lead Generator for Nonprofits Today

Local Lead Finder is the best way for nonprofits to find new business opportunities in any area. Start using the best local lead generation tool for nonprofits today for only $49 per month. Alternatively, you can sign up for annual access for just $490 and receive a generous discount compared to what you’d pay for an entire year with the month-to-month service.

Lead generation for nonprofits can be difficult, but with enough tenacity and creativity, anything is possible right? That’s especially true when you have the right software to assist you. Start using Local Lead Finder today to generate fresh hyper-targeted leads before your competition capitalizes on the opportunity instead.